3D Nail Art

Some women have a fetish for shoes and some for clothes, but there are many others ready to spend any amount on decorating their nails. If you're one of them, we have something that could be of use to you. It is a how-to guide on 3D nail art.

Earlier, a nail routine was confined to trimming, filing and painting fingernails. Bright red and blush pink shades became classic colors in the nail polish category. In the later decades, women experimented with darker hues. It didn't stop there. A plain coat of polish looked too simple and basic. As a result, nail art came to be used. Solid colored surfaces were decorated with dainty designs. The evolution continued and the latest is 3D nail art.

There is a range of designs to choose from. We have mentioned a few below.

Flowers are one of the most popular designs. They are neat and feminine. Floral designs include acrylic roses or floral designs painted with paint and decorated with crystals and stones. Akin to French manicure is the lace design. It features black and white lines with rhinestone accents. One can create a bejeweled look with crystal and rhinestone accents. Cartoon characters are also listed among popular 3D nail art designs.

Your choice in embellishments reveals a lot about your personality. You can also choose designs to match upcoming occasions and festivities.
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